General Questions

Q: I am new to Thunderclap Research. Where should I start? 

For an overview of Thunderclap Research, please visit our About page. You can also learn more about our lead analysts, Tim Melvin and Garrett Baldwin, by going to their respective pages. Also, you can learn more about our flagship product, Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory by going here. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service center at 

Q: How can I access my Thunderclap Research members content? 

To access your premium subscription materials, please log in by clicking the “Subscriber Log In” button located in the upper-right corner of the website.

After clicking this button, you will be redirected to the members website where you will need to enter the username and password associated with your account. You will then be taken to the Thunderclap Research membership dashboard. 

Q: My username/password isn’t working. What should I do? 

First, please try our “Forgot Your Password” link to attempt to reset your password. If you are still unable to log in or do not receive the reset email, please contact our helpful Customer Service team at

Q: Can you answer my question about personal investments?

Due to regulations from the SEC, we are prohibited from giving any and all “personal investment advice.”

Thunderclap Research is a financial education company, not an advisor or broker. Our newsletters, blog posts, reports, and research services should not be considered personal investment advice. Although we pride ourselves on all of our research, the purpose of our research is to make you aware of interesting opportunities that you may not be aware of. We make a recommendation based on what we believe to be the best strategy based on our research. You should always speak to your financial advisor before acting on any investment recommendation.

Q: What’s position sizing?

A position size is the amount of money, or percentage of your portfolio, you place in a single investment. You can use position sizing as a strategy to take advantage of price fluctuations in a stock (also called “scaling in”). For example, I’ll occasionally recommend taking a 1/2 position (or 1/3, 1/4, etc.) instead of a full position as an opening trade. That means if you normally invest $2000 in a single trade, you’d start with $1000 instead… building up to full position in stages.

Q: What is a 13F?

It’s a quarterly document that institutional investors who manage over 100 million dollars must file with the SEC to disclose the positions in their portfolios.

These 13Fs are fantastic for individual investors because they get to follow the “smart money.” These funds not only have to disclose their new stock positions, but whether they increase their positions, decrease their positions, or if they totally had an exit of a position. And we get to see (and study) all of this every single quarter.

Q: What is a 13D?

A Schedule 13D, also known as a “beneficial ownership report,” is a form that must be filed with the SEC when a person or group acquires more
than 5% of any class of a company’s equity shares. The form signifies to the public that a change of control, such as a hostile takeover or proxy fight, may soon take place so that current shareholders in the company can make informed investing and voting decisions. If the beneficial owner’s holdings change by 1% or more, they must amend their Schedule 13D within two days.

Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory

Q: When will I get my next issue of Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory?

The newsletter is published on the third week of each month. On the homepage of the Investment Advisory membership dashboard, we also display the exact date our next issue will be published. This information is located on the (right) sidebar of the page.

Q: How many stocks are in the portfolio?

Expect us to have 20-30 open positions in the portfolio.

Q: When can I expect new recommendations?

I’ll probably add at least one or two positions to our portfolio each month. This could vary depending on market conditions. If I don’t see a clear winner at an attractive price, I’m quite content with waiting.

Q: How long will we hold our stocks?

Legendary investor, Ben Graham advised us to invest in a business-like manner and consider ourselves to be buying part of a real company when we buy common stocks.

You need to think about these private equity replication stocks in the same manner. You are buying part of a business with the intent of holding
it for a very long time. Some stocks that I recommend you to “buy” won’t become “sells” until years from now.

That said, I expect our average holding period to be around is 12 to 18 months. However, we will hold positions for less than 12 months if they run significantly higher or if the overall market flashes signs of extreme danger.

Q: What is the best way to use this service?

Read every issue carefully. If I recommend a stock, notice where its shares are trading and what my buy-up-to price is before buying shares. Also, try to diversify. Instead of buying $10,000 worth of one stock, buy ten stocks for $1,000 each. Diversifying will lower your risk.

Q: Is Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory for me?

This service is designed mostly for long-term investors. We’re not traders. In fact, with the exception of the most extreme events, day-to-day market action will have little impact on our overall investing approach.

That said, this service is still suitable for anyone regardless of their expertise. Not only will you find new recommendations each month… But I will also provide detailed and easy to understand analysis on why we are buying each stock. You can read more about my money management techniques in our Guide to Investing which can be found in our Special Reports section.

Q: What are the main advantages of a Lifetime Membership?

  1. More than enough time for you to witness private-equity-like returns once our portfolio assets hit their prospective catalysts’
  2. Extra capital on hand as we continue to explore lucrative private equity plays and highly profitable activist campaigns

Q: How do I access a Lifetime Membership to Tim Melvin’s Investment Advisory?

Lifetime access is only offered to subscribers shortly after their initial purchase. BUT, if you missed out on the opportunity or have decided you want to upgrade, simply email our customer support at team at and they’ll point you in the right direction.