Tim Melvins takeover targets

Note: Takeover Targets is currently closed to new investors. Check back soon

Thunderclap Research’s Takeover Targets is all about what Tim Melvin coins, “the trade of the decade.”

Takeover Targets simply focusing on one thing: Producing double- and triple-digit winners through small “community banking” stocks.

While small bank investing may sound boring, the end result is quite the opposite. The strategy has consistently produced winners for Tim – 53 out of 53, to be exact – for the past 6 years.

It’s the strategy that Tim is most well known, one could even argue famous, for. That’s because he has spent years building a system which allows him to identify the most undervalued bank stocks with enormous upside potential.

Here’s How To Get Started

A good friend of Tim’s once described small regional and community bank investing, on a value basis, as “the most productive and boring way” he ever found to make money in the stock market.

It’s true. The bank consolidation strategy is simple and ridiculously easy:

  1. Buy smaller banks that are underperforming but have strong balance sheets and pristine loan portfolios at less than the book value of the business.
  2. Wait until the bank gets acquired or merges with a competitor.
  3. Sell at a price that can be several multiples of what you originally paid for.

What makes it even easier, is that Tim comes to work everyday so that you don’t have to.

He scans the markets and filters out just about everything you need to know in order to keep your portfolio safe and, of course, profitable.

He calls the shots – when and what to buy, hold, and sell. And you reap the rewards.